Clinical Psychologist

New York State Licensed


In addition to philosophy, science and religion — psychology has taught us a great deal about human behavior. We’re better at understanding our emotions and thoughts, choices and patterns, motivations and defenses, attractions and conflicts. Acquiring these insights is an essential first step, but learning how to apply them in order to improve our lives is equally as important.Implementing this understanding requires strategies, tools, skill sets and practice.

My interest as a psychologist is to apply what we know about psychology and human behavior to help us to function more effectively as individuals, in our intimate relationships, at work and in our communities.

My primary work activity is psychotherapy with adult individuals and couples. In an effort to share psychological ideas with a wider audience, I have been writing a monthly column, “Psychological Fitness,” in the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin since 2004 and I also offer talks and workshops. With the ongoing changes in health care delivery and the rapid advances in technology, I am open to innovative ways to use psychology to improve the way we live.